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Find the Archival & Conservation Products you need. We are the Canadian supplier for University Products. Pricing on this site are US$ without shipping fees. Phone for a quote in Cdn$.

At Lines 'n Curves we focus on two key markets: Graphic/Commercial Arts and Archival & Conservation. Our goal is to meet all your supply needs. To provide a more well rounded solution, we also carry a complete line of computer accessories and office supplies. And to keep the breakroom and restrooms at their best, we offer a complete line of cleaning products within the office supplies catalog.

To order:   Phone: 1-905-737-1387, Toll free:1-800-501-9406; or Email:

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Most Requested Products
Archival Document Cases

An archival storage standard, these document boxes are metal edge constructed from durable 60 pt. acid-free board and buffered with 3% calcium. The interior is lined in white paper and measures a pH of approximately 8.5. The metal edge used to construct the boxes offers more "grips" per inch than many other manufacturers, creating a stronger, more durable box. Larger (5") boxes feature a black nylon cord loop that allows easier removal from shelving. Available in Tan, Blue/Gray and Black. Perma Dry, a water repellant version of the boxes, comes in Blue/Gray.
Xyron Adhesive Refills

Repositionable and permanent adhesive refills for the Xyron dry mounting system are available in 12" and 25" widths. Allows you to easily and professionally apply adhesive to almost any substrate. Xyron machines and replacement rolls available: Adhesive, Laminates, and laminate/adhesive combination rolls. Get more details on the Xyron drymount system.
     AT400-300 Permanent 25" $375.00
     AT406-170 Repositionable 25" $402.00
     AT1251-100 Permanent 12" $128.90
     AT1256-100 Repositionable 12" $139.00

Epson Paper

With an extensive line of paper, Epson can match the right paper to the application. Ink Cartridges made by the manufacturer of your printer. Pricing details are in the catalog.

Need large print rolls for your Epson? Try our Instant Dry Photo Paper. This high quality photo paper is ideal for large print jobs coming in 24", 36" and 42" rolls. Available in in Matte, Lustre, and Gloss finishes.
Acid-Free Interleaving Tissue Paper

Interleaving tissue extends the life of paper, photographs, textiles, and artifacts. Essential for archival and conservation efforts. It is very thin (.001) acid-free tissue for maximum translucency. This tissue is an excellent choice for separating prints, drawings and protecting artifacts. Available in unbuffered and buffered, buffered comes with a 3% calcium carbonate. Buffering agent will help neutralize acids and prevent acid migration to the objects that the tissue is used to protect. Available in many different size sheets in sets of 100 sheets, and large format rolls. It comes as Buffered or Unbuffered. Get more details on the Xyron drymount system.
Mounting Boards & Adhesives

Mat boards Quality mat boards at a great price. Smooth matte finish on front with a white core and backing. Easy to cut. Works well with adhesive transfer tapes as well as many other tapes, glues and adhesives. Available in over 100 colours so ask us for samples to find the right colour for you; Most use Black or White 32"x40" at $8.25/sht, 25 sheets/case.

Card Stock - Coated 1 or 2 Sides Sold in cases of 25 sheets sized at 23 x 35; 10 pt is popular but available from 8 pt. to 24 pt. We can cut sheets to any size needed - request a quote. Pricing: Carolina 23 x 35 C1S, 10 Pt. Card Stock costs $1.30/sht, 25 sheets/case.

Adhesive Transfer Tape This is a double sided clear adhesive. Easy to apply. No mess. Adheres well to mounting board, foam board, paper, and card stock. Excellent for mounting photos, presentations, and artwork. Available sizes: 1/4, 1/2", 3/4", 1, 2, 4, 12

Foam Board

The 32"x40" 3/16" thick boards come many colours but black (with black core) and white are the most popular. Also available are various thicknesses (1/8", 1/2") and larger sheets (40"x60", 48"x96") are available.
     White 3/16" 32x40 $5.75/sht
     Black 3/16" 32x40 $7.75/sht

Self-Adhesive Foam Board - Permanent (25 shts/case). The foam board you know with added adhesive. Allows you to easily and quickly mount your projects saving time and money. Size: 32 x 40 x3/16
     Black Foam Board- Self Adhesive: $22.45/sht
     White Foam Board- Self Adhesive: $18.75/sht

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