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Computer Supplies

We carry a complete line of computer supplies -- software, hardware, storage media, printer supplies. We do special orders for hardware components such as disk drives, memory, printers, digital cameras, and scanners. We can arrange for computer installation and consulting.

  • Printer Inks/Toners:
    We carry a complete line of multiple brands of inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, and maintenance tanks.

  • Papers:
    Epson papers are in high demand but we also carry non-Epson papers such as the 24", 36" and 42" rolls of Instant Dry Photo paper which is available in gloss, lustre, and matte finishes. We caryy Hammermill Colour Copy paper in 28# and 100#. Most requested sizes are 8.5x11, 11x17, 13x19. And we supply copy paper for your photocopiers and printers as well.

  • Storage Media
    CDs, DVDs - singles in jewel cases or on spindles of 50.
    DVDs - singles in jewel cases or on spindles of 25 or 50.

To order:
Phone: 1-905-737-1387 or dial Toll free: 1-800-501-9406

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