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Office hours are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern. But after hours, the phone rings at the boss' and we're happy to hear from our customers. We read emails daily as well. We'd be happy to help you select your supply needs. We take Visa, Mastercard and debit for smaller orders. Let us know if you want to use a credit card. Many customers are doing bank transfers now and we accept email transfers as well. Of course, we can invoice you once you have an account setup. If you'd like to setup an account, please contact us.

How to Order

Most of our customers are on account. Our terms are NET 30 and if you wish to purchase on account we simply ask you to provide some basic customer information and pay for the first order as COD. After that you would receive an invoice NET 30 when the goods are shipped. We do take MasterCard and VISA. Please note that a delivery charge will be added to all orders.

You can place your order in one of the following ways:

  • Phone
    If you are in the greater Toronto area, please phone us at 905-737-1387. From other areas within North America, please contact us using our toll free number 1-800-501-9406.
  • Email
    Send us a note, including include your company ship to, invoice to, PO number if required, along with the item information and quantities. Our email address is

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Order Information Required to Place an Order

To place an order, please supply the following information in your email:
  • Company
  • Ship to Address, including: City, Province, Postal Code, Phone Number, email.
  • For large volume orders, please indicate what loading dock/receiving facilties you have. ie) is it manned? are there people to take the order from the truck? Is the loading docks at street level and/or truck level?
  • The invoicing address if different from above.
  • For each item being ordered:
    • Description of Item
    • Product number if available
    • Brand
    • Quantity
    • Unit Price
  • Method of Payment (COD, On account, Credit Card< Debit) If paying by VISA or MasterCard (only for smaller orders), we'll need the name on the card, number, and expiry date.
  • If you are PST exempt, in a province not using HST, please provide you PST exemption number.
  • Quebec Revenue has informed us that we should not collect QST (retail sales tax) from our Quebec located customers. They ask you to self assess QST due. We will collect the GST for Revenue Canada.

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Delivery & Returns


GTA Delivery: In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a delivery charge will be added to each order. The cost is based on weight and size. However, orders totaling less than $200 before tax and rush orders will be charged the cost of the courier service.

Shipping: Outside the Toronto area - including other provinces - we will price the most effective courier service to get your shipment to you when you need it. Many times we use Canpar, Priority Post, or Purolator. The fee charged is based on the size and weight of your order. If you have special shipping requirements, please let us know and we'll work with you to accomodate them.

Special Orders: If you need something that we don't carry, we'll search for it. If you can describe it, tell us where you have seen it before, or if you know what you need it to do, then we'll contact manufacturers to locate it. And the great news - we won't wait several weeks before we order it - we'll get it for you when you need it.

Return Policy

Lines 'n Curves is confident in the quality of every product we sell. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of the products you purchase from us, contact us right away. We'll be happy to help you with an exchange or refund. In some cases, a restocking fee will apply if the item is not defective.

We can not provide refunds nor exchange on aged products, products sourced from other vendors, or good products that you later decide you don't need. In some cases, we may be able to provide an exchange, but there would be a restocking fee.

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About Lines 'n Curves

Experienced ... Trust-Worthy ... Reliable

Lines 'n Curves started in business in September of 1995 as a graphics art supply firm serving the Greater Metropolitan Toronto area with a variety of supplies to meet your design needs. We stock a wide variety of goods and have been able to scout out special items when you've needed them. And now, our customers are asking us to extend our reach. We have customers in the US and well as across Canada, all looking for archival, graphic and computer supplies, including Xyron rolls.

To help our customers with their desk supply needs, we added Office Supplies and can provide a full range of office products at a competitive price. You'll note that office supplies include kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies. Great to keep the office sparkling clean without asking staff to run out to a box store. See our catalog listing in the right hand column of the page.

In Feb 2012, we've now begun to sell archival products! After acquiring the client list from the former BFB Sales and firm, we have begun selling all the products that BFB formerly sold including archival, restoration and preservation supplies. Great for libraries, museums and others who need to ensure their documents, art and historical items/artefacts do not deteriorate. Many manufacturers recommend us as they have learned that we can be trusted to follow-up on your order and ensure you get the supplies when you want them.

Wondering who the people are at Lines 'n Curves?
It is a small family owned business and we all pitch in when needed.

Ken Coyne
Ken was the owner and operator of Lines 'n Curves as many of you know. He started the company in September of 1992. He died, may he rest in peace, on March 20, 2015 after a fight with a rare lung disease. He is deeply missed by his family, friends, customers and suppliers. Ken was very knowledgeable about the product lines sold and was able to give his knowledge about the company and the products to his son Aaron.
Aaron has a B.Commerce and is now running the business; officially his title is Sales Manager. Aaron likes to add newer technologies and methods to the company. It's great to have our son in the business.
Chris, our older son, assists when he can. He is a Chemistry teacher in a local highschool so knows all about social media trends. And he's willing to provide some needed muscle to help Aaron move stock to the warehouse.
That's me. I now own Lines 'n Curves. Aaron and I review the books and discuss new marketing and sales strategies. Weekly, I do the accounting and pay the government its due. I also act as, or should I say pretend to be, the IT guru. I can code html but will be working to move this site to one of the templated systems. Next goal: add social media for Lines 'n Curves.

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