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Graphic Art Supplies

To see our complete graphics supply list, please download our catalog. BTW: An update is in the works and we hope to have it online in a few months. We'd also like to remind you of the Xyron drymount system which provides a non-heat, non-electrical way of adding adhesive to your work to be mounted as well as laminating (1 sided or 2 sided).

To order, email Aaron or phone: 1-905-737-1387; or toll free: 1-800-501-9406.
Below is a summary list of what we offer:
  • Pads
    • Tracing Pads
      #100 Bienfang Tracing Pads
      Canson Tracing Pads
      #41 Borden & Riley Parchment Tracing Pads

    • Marker Pads
      #360 Bienfang Marker Pads
      Winsor Newton Bleedproof Marker Pads

      Other pads you'd like to use? We can source alternate brands at your request.

  • Pantone Products
    A variety of pantone products are available including Pantone Formula Mixing guide, Solid to Process (Bridge) guide, Survival (Essentials) guide, and more. Replacement pages are available as well. Toyo color finders can be ordered from the US for you as well.

  • Mounting Boards
    • Berkshire (Crescent) mounting/mat boards - in a multitude of colours but most requests are for white, black, and grey.
    • Foamboard is available in white, and black on black. Typically 3/16" thick, 32x40. But other sizes are available.
    • Carolina blanks. aka Stag Blanks, in various thicknesses.

  • Mylar and Polyester
    In sheets or rolls in various thicknesses.

  • Adhesives and Tapes
    We carry a full line of traditional adhesives and tapes. You might also be interested in the Xyron dry mounting and laminating system. Use it to apply permanent or repositionable adhesive to your work for easy mounting. Interchangeable cartridges in the system let you apply 1 or 2 sided laminate instead or a dual application of laminate to one side and adhesive to the other.

    Traditional adhesive products include: PS: We also carry Glue booth, filters, and masks for use with these products.
    • Adhesive Transfer Tape in various widths from 1/4" to 12".
    • 3M Tapes: #465, #600, #610, #665, #810, #811
    • Masking tape: black and white.
    • Packaging tape
    • White paper tape
    • Velcro - rolls and dots
    • Rubber cement, thinner and pickups
    • Mediatac
    • 3M Super 77

  • Markers, Pens, Pencils
    Lumocolour pens, Pentel Sign pens, Pilot Finelinerss are just a few of the many products stocked.

  • Knives, Blades, Mat Cutters and Cutting Mats
    Xacto and Olfa products. Cutting mats come in green, grey or clear in sizes from 9"x12" to 24"x36". Larger sizes can be ordered.

    Olfa mat cutters are one of the best brand hand-held cutters on the market today. It is designed with a double edged blade which allows you to cut from corner to corner without removing the blade from the mat board. Comes complete with 6 tungsten carbide blades.
    NB: Many other OLFA and XACTO knives and blades are available

Presentation Supplies

  • Cardboard Easels
    Kraft single wing easels are available in many sizes with a self-adhesive backing. Sizes include 3", 5", 7", 9", 12", 14", 16", 18", 19", 25". Sold in packages of 25 although occasionally we have singles. We also have black easels and sets of white display boards packaged with easels.

  • Portfolios and Presentation Cases
    Typical features include a steel-plated spine beneath the ring mechanism. Vertically suspended sleeves ensure sleeves stay flat and they have a locking system that prevents the rings from opening accidentally. The cases come in sizes ranging from 9"x12" to 24"x33" and have gussets from 1' to 3". Special orders are the norm for these items so let us know what you are looking for and whether you want a vinyl or leather case. Additional insert pages are available.

  • Slide, print & transparency protectors
    Protect your art in an easy to access storage system. For look term storage, consider our archival products.

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