Lines 'n Curves - formerly ARCHIVAL
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Lines 'n Curves

Lines 'n Curves is now selling archival and preservation materials formerly sold by ARCHIVAL - a sales/marketing division of B.F.B. Sales Limited.

Since February 2012, Lines 'n Curves assumed the sales previously handled by Keith Eccles and his family, operating under the names BFB and Archival Lines 'n Curves is owned and operated by Ken Coyne and his son, Aaron. Lines n Curves started as a graphics art supply firm located in the GTA. We worked with Keith Eccles and his family for several years since Ken was a retailer who purchased supplies from BFB Sales and Archival Products. At our customers's request, the company expanded to handle office supplies and computer supplies. Ken has now extended his company to handle your archival solution needs. Ken has operated his family-owned business for more than 17 years with a goal to minimizing company overheads and expenses so he can pass on those savings as everyday low prices to you while still providing full service.

Our family business will continue the service you enjoyed previously. Endorsed by Keith Eccles' wife, we are positioned to be your comprehensive Canadian source for conservation, restoration, preservation and display supplies and materials.

"A One-Stop Shopping Solution"

We distribute the full line of products available from the following companies:

  • UNIVERSITY PRODUCTS INC., including Lineco Products
  • plus Museum Storage Cabinets amd Furniture manufactured in Ontario.
  • and a complete line of graphic supplies (knives, adhesives, tapes, mounting boards) as well as computer (DVDs, toner, ink cartridges) and office supplies (copy paper, pens, post-it notes, etc).

    Call 1-905-737-1387 or email Ken and Aaron for Canadian pricing. Full colour catalogues are also available on request. Or visit our home site for more details.

    Regards -- Ken Coyne and Aaron Coyne