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Q: Are credit cards accepted for payment?

Q: Is there a product showroom?
A: No, but if we have - or can get - a sample, we'll be happy to provide it to you.

Q: How do I place an order or request a quote?
A: Please e-mail your order to Ken or Aaron at If you wish you can also fax your order to 905-737-0727 or simply phone us to discuss your order. Phone us toll-free at 1-800-501-9406 or 905-737-1387.

Q: How do we ship goods?
A: We choose the least expensive method available based on the weight and cube size of the goods. This could be transport truck, courier or parcel post. In Toronto and the GTA, your goods are typically added as a part of our daily delivery service using our company van.

Q: I need my order quickly. Can you deliver quickly?
A: We do stock some goods in house. So if you are ordering those items, your delivery can be sent same day or next day. Otherwise, we import most archival goods from the US which takes 2-3 weeks. HOWEVER, if you know you'll be placing periodic orders for the same product(s), then talk to us about it and we'll ensure we have adequate quantities in stock to fulfil your order quickly.